Brotherly love, Humbleness, Women

We all Human Beings are One, and Equal

We all human beings are inter connected, no matter our color, race, or where we live, we grow by uplifting each other, not only in a materialistic way, but way beyond.

Value all human beings, no one is below or above you, we all are equal, and special in our own way, the differences are within us.

I am sharing my picture in one of the Tanzania’s tribe, dressed as a Masai woman, to portray their culture, and also to give message on humanity, that whether you are black, white, brown, or any color, we all human beings are equal, and black is beautiful.

Masai women shave their heads, and wear the wired bangles as their tradition, on their legs, and hand. They are also very hard working, and famous for their craft work, like making colorful beaded jewellery, slippers, etc., till date follow their traditions, and dress according to their customs.

I also painted myself black, as a shout out to those who are condemned for dark skin, or insecure about their color,  we all deserve to be treated with love, care, and respect.

Your color, race, fame, money, or status only does not define you, but how you treat yourself, and others with humanity.







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