Brotherly love, Women


A fact, we still working on Inequality of Gender in Africa.
It effects the WOMEN economically, damages their self esteem, which leads to lot of insecurities, oppression amongst each other, and causing lot of mental stress.

Women are multi tasking, get more jobs done than Men, compare to the hours they work also, after office hours at home or housewives, laborers, farmers and in many more fields. All are hard working WOMEN in their own way, with great potential.

Though when it comes to high posts in companies, offices, communities, or society in general, MEN are given the first priority due to their superiority.

Why we can not treat each other equally? I feel it is our lack of confidence in ourselves, we think by putting each other down, we are uplifting one self which is not the case.

Togetherness, unity, teaching, learning through each other is the best growth ever for self development and others. It also brings peace within us, and the society on whole.

Let us treat each other equally, as we all are Human Beings first, no one is superior than the other.
It is high time we not only work on it, we become the CHANGE.

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