I would like to share my views and few women’s, on Women Oppressing each other.
I have no intention of hurting or offending anyone.
Would love to know all your views also on this topic of ” Women OPPRESSING Women ”

Women OPPRESSION to one self and other Women.

Part One.

In few cases:

1. Your own mother telling you to adjust, and
compromise to cruel behavior of your father,
brother, husband or society, including
women, due to fear, does not support you or
letting you speak for your own rights, and
have freedom of speech or to lead life of
your choice. ( Some old traditions, which
have to change for our own betterment, and
society’s )

2. Women in general in community, society or
colleagues, not supporting each other,
instead degrading, mentally torturing,
sabotaging emotionally and also sometimes
ruining your name which effects one’s image,
causes lack of confidence and effects
severely your self esteem.

Also piling up insecurities, lack of self worth,
and inferior complex, making you question
your inner and especially your outer beauty.

Causing lot of health issues like, depression,
anxiety, nervous breakdown, endometriosis,
various phobias, mental disorder, lot of stress
and harmful illness.

3. Few Mother in law do not support their
daughter in law to work, or study further as
they have been house wife, wants you to
follow same. If beaten up by their husband,
will not stand up for you, will tell you to
endure same treatment they have undergone
from their husband. ( OLD TRADITIONS )
Also few can not handle sharing their son
love, or handing over the family
responsibilities, which leads to lot of marital
problems and lot of misunderstandings
between family members, cause of divorces
also in some cases. ( EGO, INSECURITY,

to be continued…,


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