WOMEN: Pillars of the Society

Women play a vital role in the society, we have lot of roles but a very important one as a mother, as we give birth to another being, which gives us more joy as a woman and makes us complete.

We have lot of role models in history , who have portrayed the strength, compassion, love, courage and talent of women and we have been inspired by them and still are.

I would love to appreciate them and mention a few: Indira Gandhi, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey and Liberia President Hon: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

We as women have lots of inner strength within us which we do not realize and suppress ourselves sometimes, we have more advantage now of technology and more means of upgrading ourselves in today’s generation.

Love and respect yourself that no one can disrespect or abuse us women, and help those who are in need by being daring enough to stand up for our own rights and our fellow women.

Let us rise each other with unity, love, compassion and not oppress each other in any way .



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