Forgiveness is not only about forgiving others or yourself, but is also to let go with love. When we let go from within is when we really forgive, and also forget with humility. Only if we let go from within than only, we do not hold any grudges, vengeance, hatred, guilt, fear, resentment or negligence towards ourselves or others.

Its easily said than done, we need to pray and have faith on the creator, repent for our sins even if unintentional. Then only will it be a step forward to ask forgiveness from the creator, ourselves than others,  and also be able to forgive others or foresee their flaws or imperfections as we all are humans, we tend to make mistakes sometimes intentionally or unintentionally, and also sometimes we sin knowingly.

To let go with love from within is to go to the core and cut off the roots of hatred towards the other person or situation, but most importantly towards ourselves and also helps us to no longer hold on to that moment of misery and stay in the past for long.

Let us always remember that we all are beautiful creations of God.

God is ever loving, merciful and forgiving.

Why we humans can not forgive each other and are too harsh on ourselves?  Why we do not give ourselves and others another chance to rise and help each other to rise with humbleness, humility and love? Why do we judge, assume or criticize each other or a situation, instead of just forgiving and helping each other? Why we hold on to the past instead of living in the moment, and be grateful to the creator for another chance and spread love and joy in the universe?

Let us lessen the suffering, the misery, the pain, the hatred, the anger, unworthiness and make the “UNIVERSE” a beautiful and peaceful place to live in.

Few learn from one mistake, few make some more and learn, and some still never learn, but who are we to judge or punish?

Let go of ego, pride, and free yourself from the fear of change, and all you will see within you and around you so beautiful, peaceful and loving.

A feeling  so rare, and yet you can’t  describe it in words and still touching you so deeply within your soul, leaving you cheerful with joy full of love and content.

Let us bond with love, kindness, humbleness, care  and humility with “HUMANITY”.



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