Brotherly love, God Fearing


We have heard and said this so many times ” LOVE YOURSELF “. Lets think about it or ask ourselves does loving yourself mean to FORGET sometimes to be God Loving and God Fearing, forget or neglect your own soul, your own body, your family, friends, the whole mankind, the UNIVERSE and just LOVE YOURSELF selfishly.

We should love ourselves, value ourselves first as we are also beautiful creations of God. In the process we should not forget our Creator, our soul, our body, the universe and the whole mankind as we all are inter connected.

Love yourself but not at the expense of forgetting or neglecting your creator, your own soul, your own body, hurting others intentionally for your own needs, benefits and personal growth as by doing this we are damaging ourselves each second physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually, as what goes around comes around (KARMA).

We are also damaging someone’s else Soul, Body, and Mind, that also intentionally sometimes. We are also weakening their growth in one way or other who all are also beautiful CREATIONS of God.

Our body should not only be clean in a hygienic manner but also we should protect our body from physical abuse and avoid things which are unhealthy for our internal body parts as well, as our BODY, MIND AND SOUL are not only beautiful creations of GOD but also a precious gift from GOD which we should treasure and be grateful for always.

Humanity is losing itself in today’s hectic modern society. Lets ” BE HUMAN BEINGS” with love, humbleness, compassion, kindness,care, tolerance and just not humans. This all is possible only with faith, prayers, our awareness and love for our Creator and our Soul. Lets AWAKEN from within and ” LOVE YOURSELF ” with HUMANITY.


  1. Gulshan Alidina

    Soo true, we all need awakening as at times the ego come out and takes control of our action. It needs constant reminders that first and foremost is the lord. He will not allow anything to harm us and if at all in this process we fall. He will pick us and raise us more.

  2. Deborah Ngajilo

    wow, this is so nice, i saw you from Lulu Sanga , decided to follow your page, you real inspire me with your articles… .. keep shining


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