God Fearing, Humbleness

God Loving and God Fearing

We can only practice humanity if we love the creator and the universe,be grateful for our existence and the nature and treat all mankind equally with love and humbleness.The foremost step is to practice faith which will awaken your love for the creator and have gratitude.

Humanity doesn’t come to all naturally some are born humble,some are taught and some are learning, but we have to be humble with love, compassion and tolerance for being human and not just humans.

Our spiritual leader  His  Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, is a great inspiration and has always been guiding us on humanity and to build bridges amongst communities.

I will start by sharing my own example, my  learning and  inspiration of humbleness, sharing, giving and tolerance was inspired by my late dad and my late grandmother since childhood in a caring environment where they believed giving is abundance and a blessing.

My dad and grandmother use to give charity to poor people, as in food, clothes, education and help in other ways which i learned from them and carried on till to date.

They believed charity begins at home you  start with helping your own family and then others.

Charity should be given out of love, humbleness and compassion and not as an option or with a benefit agenda.

Giving doesn’t mean you are rich by money, it means you are rich by heart, and when you give with one hand the other hand should not know (not to be broadcasted) and the feeling of giving will only come to you if your heart is filled with gratitude.

Giving or helping can be done in any form and just not by giving material things but also by educating, inspiring and guiding is a big form of charity.

When you are in a position to help anyone, always remember that God has blessed you and given you the strength to give so be grateful and never think yourself as superior to any human being.

Humanity has lost its touch from within and we need to awaken it with our love and faith  for our creator  which will help us to be humble, giving and caring with compassion for each other that in true sense will be abundance.

God is ever loving, forgiving and merciful.

Can we ”HUMAN BEINGS” being the creation of God love each other even a little like that.


Ego, self respect and arrogance come in between says why I should be there for you at your convenience? when you are not there for me.

Can we love each other without expectations or reciprocation.

It takes a lot of patience, compassion, faith, strength and love to give fearlessly and without expectations in any form.

Lets Empower Humanity and give with love and be united.


  1. Shamim Khan

    A good begining,Shaykaa.Keep it up.Your topic on humanity is interesting. Some of us have reached a wicked stage of looting the accident victims instead of rescuing them. This is inhuman ! Best of luck in your endeavors.

  2. Parviz juma

    Congrats in what you have set out to do -the world is totally lacking in humanity and it needs ppl such as you to bring it to awareness -all the best and allah give you strength -moral support is key to your success and you can expect it from me. Bravo

  3. Salum Hamisi

    Keep keeping up! The misunderstanding between charity and humanity is the greatest problem in humanity the modern world is facing. Charity is the manifestation of humanity while humanity is the urge of being a better human being unconditionally!
    Keeeeep it up☺


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